According to Israel Defence, “Established in 1923, Textron Inc. is a multi-industry company with an international network consisting of aircraft, defense, industrial and finance businesses and companies aimed towards providing clients with relevant products, solutions and services around the world.” They have entered into a teaming agreement with Aeronautics Defense Systems Ltd. of Israel, who have supplied the IDF with drones used to patrol the skies of besieged Gaza.

In addition, Investigate, a project by the American Friends Service Committee, report that “the Israeli Air Force 100 Squadron uses Textron aircraft, including the Beechcraft King Air, Queen Air, RC12-D Guardrail, and Bonanza A-36, mostly for reconnaissance, freight, and training purposes. At least some of these aircraft were given to Israel through the U.S. government foreign military sales program.”

Textron aviation, a subsidiary of Textron, produced the T-6 series of trainer aircrafts, known to be used by the IDF.