British company JCB manufactures both civil and military bulldozers, which are regularly used by the Israeli police, military and Civil Administration to demolish Palestinian property. It was JCB machines that rolled into the Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar last year to begin the preparations for demolitiaon. JCBs bulldozers are used to build Israels illegal settlements and to expand Israels apartheid wall in the West Bank. They are also used in the construction of checkpoints and roadblocks. Over the last year, Israeli contractors have been strengthening the apartheid wall around Gaza, which is an integral part of Israels siege of Gaza. The UN Human Rights Council has repeatedly stated that companies must terminate all business involvement in Israels illegal settlement activity, says Ryvka Barnard, senior campaigner on militarism and security at War on Want. Companies such as JCB are directly supporting the destruction of Palestinian homes and schools and are˜profit[ing] from illegal activity and in this case, war crimes. Last year, JCB bulldozers were documented as being used to demolish two Palestinian schools. In August 2018, UK legal advocacy organisation Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights wrote to JCB, citing serious concerns that their business activities were leading to serious violations of human rights, and that the company was not fulfilling its legal obligations.